I’ve been asked multiple times to share our laundry routine. Each time I hear it I think, “Yikes!” I imagine some people think that I’m Super Mom because I’m raising 10+ children. The truth is that I’m just like any other mom. Proficient in some areas and inept in others. As a homeschooling mom, my children’s education trumps certain areas of our household. Our laundry routine fits somewhat into that category.

I’m usually good at keeping our clothes washed. My “routine” is throwing a load in the wash whenever I get the chance. It’s often before lunch, before bed, and before we run out the door somewhere. If it’s backed up, I do 2-3 loads a day. We’re also a cloth diaper/mama cloth family, and that makes 2-3 extra loads a week.

The folding is the part that I’m slacking in. Right now I try to fold about twice a week. I’ve also paid a child to do so as an “extra” chore. Most of the “folding” is just sorting into piles. The children are usually responsible for putting their stuff away. One pile is for dresses and dress shirts, and it varies each week who’s responsible for hanging each item up.

I do believe laundry is a life skill, and will be teaching the older children SOON how to do their own. Why haven’t I yet? I guess because we’re a farming family, and they’re already responsible for animal chores and other household chores (dishwasher, trash, bedrooms, living area cleanups, etc.). The more they age, the more responsibilities they’ll take on.

How does your family handle laundry? Any tips to share?

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  1. I do the family laundry every Saturday and unfortunately sometimes Sunday too (if it’s a cloudy day)
    Usually we do 4 loads of clothes:
    1. My hospital work outfits (I’m a nurse)
    2. The adults clothes
    3. Children clothes and
    4. Towels and bed clothing

    The kids are 9 and 7 now so I put them do help me with the folding and store they clothes in the closet.
    I’m also teaching the oldest how to separate and put in the machine for wash but still a work in progress.


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