1) Babywear

Wearing your baby frees up your hands to tend to other children, go about your chores, and leaves your cart with more room to grocery shop. It can also calm a fussy baby and keep them safe from  curious toddlers. 

2) Same nap schedule

In the beginning newborns sleep a lot, but the main goal should be having all babies and toddlers napping at the same time. As babies start sleeping less eliminate the naps the toddlers don’t share. That hour or two each day allows you to refocus and breathe. You can rest, read, or get some cleaning done. Homeschooling moms often use this time to teach the harder subjects.

3) Invest in a good double stroller or wagon. 

With the exception of new tires our Bumbleride Indie Twin has lasted us 7  years. Good quality items may be more expensive, but they last longer and have better resale value. Our stroller has been  perfect for fairs, park days, shopping trips during naptime, and whenever I’m out without another adult’s help.

4) Avoiding jealousy

Learn to lap share while sitting down. If the toddler is interfering with the baby’s feedings place them on the opposite side of you. With your arm around them they can still feel held as you read, talk, or entertain with a toy. If the toddler is still clingy continue to keep them in your room at night. We’ve had up to 3 babies room share with us. You can use bassinets, portable cribs, a toddler mattress on the floor, etc. Your baby didn’t get replaced when the newborn arrived. There’s now 2 to care for and yes, it is possible!

5) Toy Sharing

With children close in age I’ve discovered that they usually enjoy playing with the same things. Because of that we buy multiple sets of their favorite toys and store each category in large bins. It’s hard to expect children to share blocks when there’s not enough blocks to go around. Some of my children’s favorite toys are Lincoln Logs, Mega Bloks, and Waffle Blocks.

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