I don’t post a ton about our ministry life due to our church members’ privacy, but I have been asked a few times about it. Here’s a sneak peek of this week so far.
SUNDAY- I’m out of bed at 6:35am and everyone is ready and out the door around 8:35am. We arrived at church just after 9am and immediately started Sunday School and children’s church prep (coffee, muffins, sorting visuals, etc.). I also had a “social distancing” wedding shower table to prep in the foyer. With the help of 2 other ladies I decorated a table, assembled a greeting card box, and put cupcakes in “to-go” containers. Hubby taught Sunday School at 10am and I started playing the piano for choir and congregation around 11am. When I’m finished I go the children’s church to play the piano and teach. Hubby preaches to the adults during that time. After everyone is gone we fed our kids a sandwich and afterwards put the younger kids down for a nap. I then helped our oldest 2 kids with schoolwork and 2 other kids with their piano songs. The rest of the afternoon I stayed busy planning the month of September, cleaning up messes, and playing the piano for about 40 minutes of choir practice. Hubby watched the kids during that time and also had a wedding meeting at 3:30pm. Evening service started at 6pm. Hubby preached and I played the piano and watched the nursery afterwards.
MONDAY- Hubby helped jack up a camp building on a semi truck. Afterwards he helped move a few vehicles off of the church parking lot to prep for pavers.
TUESDAY- Hubby left early to pick up volunteers from church. They met with the truck driver and police escort and then drove ahead to camp to start prepping the route for the building (taking down fences, etc). Once the building was through they replaced fencing and helped set the building on it’s foundation.
WEDNESDAY- Hubby helped jack up the final building on the semi and loaded the ramps and stairs for all 3 buildings. He also gathered supplies for final fence repairs. He returned home to study and then left around 6pm to preach Spanish church via interpreter at 7pm and English church around 7:45pm. I didn’t attend this week due to a bad head cold.
THURSDAY- Hubby left early once again to pick up volunteers. They met with the truck driver and police escort and drove ahead to prep route for the building. After the building arrived they do the final fence repairs and set up the ramps and stairs on the buildings.
FRIDAY- Hubby has wedding rehearsal tonight at 6:30pm.
SATURDAY- Hubby has wedding tomorrow at 4:30pm. He will also prep his Sunday School lesson and read over sermons. All the kids will get their “Saturday night” baths.

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