How our extra large family celebrates birthdays

Birthdays in large families are exciting because even without guests there’s plenty of people to celebrate with. Today I’m sharing some ways we try to treat each child on their special day.

1) Each child gets their own cake

Being a mom of twins and a mom of kids with back-to-back birthdays I have always insisted that each child gets their own cake or dessert. There’s no sharing with another child. This is their special day! Excluding the twins each child also gets their own day to celebrate. I think this “rule” has only been broken twice due to guests visiting from out of town.

2) The older children get to pick out their own presents

Once a child is old enough to care we allow them to make a birthday wish list. We stay within budget and either order their requests online or take them out shopping. The children really enjoy this experience.

3) Each child gets a one on one “date” with Mom or Dad

This is something we started a few years ago. Whenever we take the child present shopping we also try to take them out for a treat or lunch of their choice. Sometimes I do it and sometimes my husband does it. Either way they have fun picking out their favorite restaurant.

What are some ways you make your birthday child feel special?

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