I’m sure we can all admit that it’s been a wacky and somewhat disappointing year for our children. When they’re young they don’t understand everything. “Why can’t we do all the fun stuff we did last year?” When I found out that our state’s fair would be cancelled I decided to have some fair fun here at home. My original idea was to do one BIG day, but I ended up planning a little treat for all 30 days of September. Below is the schedule and recipe links I used.

  1. Watched the movie “State Fair”
  2. Made Navajo tacos
  3. Played “knock the cans” game
  4. Made funnel cakes
  5. Watched the movie “Babe”
  6. Made caramel apples
  7. Read “County Fair”
  8. Played bean bag toss
  9. Played the matching ducks game
  10. Ate cotton candy
  11. Ate popcorn in festive bags
  12. Had a sack race
  13. Made boiled peanuts
  14. Watched the movie “Charlotte’s Web”
  15. Read “Corgiville Fair”
  16. Made loaded fries
  17. Played the balloon dart game
  18. Watched the movie “Pollyanna”
  19. Rented a bouncy house
  20. Made fresh squeezed lemonade
  21. Made churros
  22. Made apple pie and read autumn books
  23. Chicken race
  24. Watched the movie “So Dear to My Heart”
  25. Dunking booth
  26. Played the apple bobbin’ game
  27. Made street corn
  28. Made doughnut holes
  29. Played “ball in basket” game
  30. Face painting

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Hi, I'm Courtney! Welcome to my blog where I share my life's journey of a mom of twelve kids! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how creative you got with the whole make your own county fair thing, I hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna borrow your idea I think it’s amazing and extremely smart. It is so nice to see how happy and healthy all your children are, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MOM YOUR DOING AN AMAZING JOB.


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