A Little Dirt Never Hurt

I recently had a comment shaming me because my kids wore “stained hand-me-downs”. What they failed to realize is that kids that live on 12 acres full of dirt, rocks, animals, and gardens RARELY stay clean while playing outside. Because of that, yes, my kids usually wear play clothes around the house. Last night my 4 year old wore a brand new dress and fixed ponytail to church. This morning she wore play clothes while playing in the dirty greenhouse. 

I’ve been documenting my children’s lives for over 7 years on social media. EVERY childhood memory of theirs is precious to me. Most of their pictures would be missing if I only shared their “Sunday best”.

Dirty doesn’t mean you’re poor.

Dirty doesn’t mean you NEVER bathe.

Dirty doesn’t mean you don’t care about your child’s well being.

Smiles, laughter, fun memories, learning experiences, etc. are the important things in life. Let’s not forget to focus on them.

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Hi, I'm Courtney! Welcome to my blog where I share my life's journey of a mom of twelve kids! Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “A Little Dirt Never Hurt

  1. I’m sorry but nowhere is it written that a child is supposed to be totally spotless from head to toe 24 hours a day 7 days a week or 365 days a year, and I can pretty much bet my life on the fact that the people making those comments do not live a totally spot free life themself. Like I said before they are just jealous that they probably aren’t as amazing if a parent and have kids that are truely 100% happy and healthy. With me I only had one child and I don’t think a single day went by where she stayed totally spotless or my house didn’t look like a tornado went through it, but I can promise you that she always was a happy child and is to this day a happy successful adult that does not have a criminal record.


  2. Hi Courtney! Just found your blog through an Epoch Times article on homeschooling. Your family is beautiful and I just love this article on dirt and play! Playing outside makes my own children so happy. God bless. Megan


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